I help stressed, hormonal, and neurospicy professionals go from burnt out to chillllll.

Heal from burnout, anxiety, and hormonal storms to feel powerful, revived and optimistic again. 

Are the double espressos not working any more?

Meds, therapy, and exercise not cutting it?

Neurospicy? Oppressed and overwhelmed?

I’ve been there too. My name is Marcelle and I’ve done the work to bring you the latest advanced science to optimize your brain health. My unique functional approach helps you address the root cause of your stress, heal at the cellular level, and feel stronger than ever so you can take on whatever life throws out next. 

When I began to heal, I found the traditional methods lacking

My cancer and menopause doctors said there was nothing to be done. No advice for creating better health 😤

I had to research new ways to biohack my way towards health and stress relief using my PhD research skills.  But you are not alone. We have a community to support you in chopping your stress and bringing an abundance of chill back to your life.

So I started a brain health company, and I started providing free resources and advice and met with my first clients.

And here’s what happened after:

Started providing resources to genuinely help folx out.

Jumped in with 1:1 clients, connected the dots, and saw real changes.

The best part? I really understood that I could help people reduce their stress and live better lives. Motivation to keep going? Check!

Now, it’s your turn.

Client Love

Lyn’s Transformation

“A little over six months ago, I went to brainRise with the problem of feeling trapped in a cycle of discomfort and low energy. It was incredibly challenging because my anxiety was preventing me from enjoying daily activities… After a few months of working with Dr. Siegel, I experienced a remarkable shift that I hadn’t thought possible. These shifts weren’t just about my physical health – they had a ripple effect on my mood, energy levels, and overall enjoyment of life.

…This transformation is more than just a change in routine; it’s a change in perspective, in possibilities, and in reclaiming the life I had once feared was out of reach.” -Lyn

A Coach who Leads You to Your Goals! 

“She’s been walking with me step by step to improve my health. I feel less tired, overwhelmed, and in less pain than I’ve been in for years!” 

“Not only is she patient and empathetic. She teaches patience and empathy.” 

“This has been one of the most profound programs of my life. I have grown so much. I cannot say enough on Dr. Siegel’s behalf. “ 

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Featured Services

Stress Armor

>Tired of work stress? Ready to feel serene and resilient?

> Crack the code to work-life balance

> brainRISE’s introductory 5-week program

> Bring the chill through biohacking  (Value: $2400 on Sale)

Serenity Scheduler

> Need more peace in your day? Grab brainRISE’s free sunrise to sunset plan to integrate brain health right into your busy day.

Radiance Protocol

> Learn about red light therapy and how to set up your own lights

> It’s time to get your glow on with this practical guide

> Understand how it works, compare the tools, and get set up with this hot mini course – then sit back, relax, and enjoy the shine!

> ($89) On Sale Now for $49

Radiance Challenge

> Get support in our fun challenge!

> Get started with neurohacking!

> In this 5-day challenge we will fire up our neurons together using Red Light Therapy at home.

> ($69) On Sale Now for $37

Are you interested in working with us? Lets Start Now

Join an Inclusive Community to Boost your Chill and Enhance your Brain Health using Practical Neuroscience: 

brainRISE has a free group for Mindful Brain Wellness!

More About the Founder of brainRISE

Hey there, I’m Marcelle Siegel, PhD (she/her). I’m all about helping busy professionals to reduce their stress. It’s my passion to help them build body-brain-mind wellness using the latest scientifically backed strategies.

Qualified Expert 

· Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in the Interdisciplinary program in cognitive science and science education (SESAME) 

· Master’s degree in Neuroanatomy 

· Bachelor’s degree in Neurobiology and Behavior 

· Award-winning teacher who trains other teachers

I can’t wait to work with you. As a neuroscience expert who knows what you are going through, I’ll guide you through the overwhelm and show your body new ways of creating calm confidence.

Lets Create Your HappyChill